Dolphin Watch Tour


boatride to kalpitiya dolphines

There is one of the biggest pods of dolphins just a few kilometers off the coast. A boat ride will take you out to see this wild beauties in their natural habit. The dolphine families are quite big and you will also see some playful youngstars. The tour boats star directly at Kalpitiya´s beach (5 minutes from the resort)

Kalpitiya´s habitants and also the team of DE SILVA are committed to the protection of our local dolphin population while giving you a pleasure on watching them.

It's only possible to watch dolphins from November to April!

Perhaps you are also lucky to see a wale on your boat ride ;-) There are many different wales domiciiled in the sea of Sri Lanka Island!

DOLPHINE WATCH TOUR 7,5€/ Ticket per person - min. 4 pers/ Boat for 65€

Just Book your DOLPHINE WATCH ticket directly in the resort!