Paradise Island Tour


Boatride with downwinder to paradise island

If you go 60 km up the lagoon until the end of Kalpitiya´s sand dune you find several islands for downwinders and the so called Paradise Island. It´s an amazing kitespot in the totally outback, just some fishers have here their huts. Moreover the boat ride itself is an fantastic experience. You may see some famous Mangrooves and several birds as well as pristine fishermen.


45€/Person - min. 5 pers Boat incl. meal, water, soft drinks

Have an amazing OVERNIGHT Kitetrip at Paradise Island!!! Stay with us for ONE NIGHT in the Outback and go for kiting at the untouched mirrow flat water spot whenever you like!

Paradise island - overnight kitetrip

90€/Person - min. 4 pers/Boat - incl. meal, water, soft drinks -

We go by boat up the laggon, after around 15 min. we reach Dreamspot. It´s an amazing spot for kiting - flat water at the lagoon and absolutely pristine. The sanddune is just some meters wide so its perfect to switch in the Ocean, from where we kite down wind to our home spot Kalpitiya Lagoon.